Oops! Commentary did a doubletake yesterday morning when I was reading my Sunday Chron. See the featured photo just under the fold of the City/State Section. Come on! Whitemire? There is another story on the following page on H-Town Mayor John Whitmire and they got Whitmire right.  Very sloppy if you ask Commentary. Very sloppy.

At the very bottom of Page A2 of today’s Chron hard copy they ran a correction on the oops from yesterday. Very sloppy and lazy. How do you miss that. Oh, well.


Speaking of the Chron, the lead story in today’s hard copy is about Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wanting state senators to study doing away with property taxes in Texas. Here is the hard copy headline from today:

Patrick eyes end of property taxes

Just to be clear, the state of Texas does not collect property taxes. As a homeowner, I pay property taxes to Harris County, the city of H-Town, HISD, the Port, HarrisHealth, Harris County Department of Education, and the Flood Control District. Without property taxes, how would we fund local government.

Good luck with your study.


Speaking of taxes, today is National Tax Day. It is therefore appropriate to quote the late, great George Harrison:

If you drive a car, car (I’ll tax the street)
If you try to sit, sit (I’ll tax your seat)
If you get too cold, cold (I’ll tax the heat)
If you take a walk, walk (I’ll tax your feet)


‘Cause I’m the taxman
Yeah, I’m the taxman

I am done with mine.


Unlike the O.J. trial, Donald Trump’s won’t be televised live. Oh, well.


We played great baseball this past Saturday and Sunday. We are 6-11 overall, and 4-3 against last year’s World Series champs, the Rangers. 

We start a three-game series with The ATL at The Yard this evening.

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