The Special Election

The Trib has a piece on the State Senate District 15 Democratic Party Primary runoff and Special Election candidates State Rep. Jarvis Johnson and Molly Cook. Here is the part of the piece on campaign fundraising:

In fact, Cook has won the backing of some heavy-hitting supporters for the last leg of the race.

Her financial advantage can be largely attributed to a political group called Leaders We Deserve, which describes itself as a sort of “EMILYs List for young, progressive courageous candidates” — a reference to the national group that backs female candidates who support abortion rights. Since early April, Cook, 32, has received some $190,000 from the group, which is led by David Hogg, the Parkland school shooting survivor and gun control activist, and Kevin Lata, who managed the campaign of U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost when he was elected to Congress last cycle at age 25.

The support from Leaders We Deserve accounts for more than half of the $335,000 Cook has raised since the March primary, helping her outpace Johnson’s $220,000 haul over the same period, according to public campaign finance data that goes through last week.

Cook has also received an influx of small-dollar donations, with around 500 contributions of $50 or less coming in since March 5. She has outspent Johnson more than 2-to-1 during that span.

Here is the entire Trib read: Houston Dems eying Texas Senate face off in special election | The Texas Tribune.

That $190,000 from Leaders We Deserve is quite impressive. During the runoff and Special Election, I have received 6 mail pieces from Molly’s campaign, a piece from the Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus with Molly listed as one of their endorsed candidates, and 2 mailers from Jarvis’s campaign. See the featured photo.

The State Senate District 15 Special Election is this Saturday.


Off the Kuff has a take today on former Mayor Annise Parker mulling over a race for Harris County Judge. Here is part of the take from Charles:

We know that Parker considered running for County Judge in 2018 but decided against it because she had enjoyed a close working relationship with then-Judge Ed Emmett (*), and didn’t want to run against him; she very likely decided he would be basically unbeatable anyway, as did a lot of other folks. I’m sure she must have thought about that once or twice since then with a certain amount of wistfulness. That she still might like to have this job can’t be a big surprise to anyone.

The thing is that there’s no way any serious challenge to Judge (Lina) Hidalgo in 2026 would be anything but ugly, negative, and just soul-crushingly awful for everyone involved. Judge Hidalgo attracted an assortment of opponents in 2022, none of whom were serious challengers. The closest one to that was HCDE Trustee Erica Davis, whose “campaign” consisted of a handful of shiny biographical/introduction videos that never mentioned Hidalgo; it was as if she were running a campaign from years past as the sole challenger to a Republican incumbent. Whatever else a 2026 campaign against Hidalgo would be, it would not be like that.

Here is the entire read: Former Mayor Parker “considering” a run for County Judge in 2026 | Off the Kuff.

Stay tuned.


The Chron E-Board has a take today on the H-Town Mayor reviewing the Montrose Boulevard redo.  I wonder if the E-Board will have a take on the Shepherd and Durham review.


Baserunner Victor Caratini thought the ball hit by Mauricio Dubón was going to fall in for a base hit, so Caratini headed to score. The ball was caught, and Caratini was doubled off. End of game.

Oh, well. 

We wrap us the series with the Guardians this evening.

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