CBS Dumb

Count Commentary as one who will be dropping CBS News watching. It is not much, but it does include Jane Pauley on “Sunday Morning,” sometimes “Face the Nation’” and “60 Minutes.”  CBS lost credibility when they announced yesterday that they hired Donald Trump’s former Interim Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.  The fella is a first-rate liar, Trump enabler, and was in on the move to hold back aid to Ukraine.  CBS News are dumbarses for sure.  Certainly not the Walter Cronkite news outlet it once was. And that’s the way it is.

Meanwhile, Trump is asking for Putin’s assistance again. Just another normal day in the GOP. F_cking corrupt traitors. Oh, I forgot. Seven and a half hours of phone call logs missing from January 6. Did I say corrupt GOP?

I ran into a Cleveland Brown fan this past weekend. I congratulated him on the Browns recent QB acquisition. He wasn’t cool with the move.

Speaking of the NFL, the overtime rule is being changed for the playoffs only. I repeat, playoffs only.  Each team will get a chance to score in the playoffs.  No more coin flip winner scores a TD on the initial possession and game over. Playoffs only.

Is Tiger Woods teasing us? He played 18 at Augusta National yesterday and the Masters is next week. I am not getting my hopes up. Stay tuned for sure.

Alex Bregman is celebrating his 28th birthday today. Happy Birthday!

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