Retired General

The General is retiring. Commentary is talking about longtime Oilers and Texans beat writer for the Chron, John McClain.  He has an article in today’s Chron saying he is retiring from the Chron effective today. Wow! We will miss him for sure.

In his final article he gives thanks to all the folks who helped him out throughout his career. What a class act.

Too bad he never got to cover an Oilers or Texans Super Bowl game.  Good luck.

Speaking of John McClane, it is sad to learn that Bruce Willis is stepping back from acting. He has a condition I had never heard of until yesterday – aphasia. Wow.  I hope the best for him.

He has been in a lot of great and entertaining flicks. Of course, the best is “Die Hard.”

Someone who I admire and hold in high regard will probably put out something real soon on her daughter getting named to a key position in D.C. That is all I can say. I will let her put it out.

The Academy Awards folks will investigate the slap seen around the world. It says it will take a few weeks to investigate. Huh?  What is there to investigate? We all saw it.

It was also reported that Will Smith was asked to leave the ceremony right after he slapped Chris Rock. How come we haven’t seen photographs or tape of the Academy folks asking him to leave? Oh, well.

On the last day of March, my month of March Beatles wall calendars both have photos from their first visit to the U.S. as a group for their appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show” in New York City in 1964. Getting off the plane at the airport, the fans lined up on the street and at the venue.

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