Oscar Night

On “Today” this morning, anchor Craig Melvin’s body language and one word – “sad,” pretty much described his reaction to Will Smith’s behavior last night.  Craig was clearly disappointed, you know, black man, black on black violence thing.  On one of the biggest nights of Smith’s career and he clearly blew it.

I can’t even get myself to comment about the evening. Other winners, snubs, the three emcees, what folks were wearing and Liza. 

Of all the movies in Oscar contention last night, the only one that I have seen is “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.” There was a time when I had seen just about every flick nominated by Oscar night, minus foreign, documentary, and short animated.

I will say I am now an Emilia Jones fan.  She was in “CODA,” last night’s Best Picture winner.

A couple of days ago in Poland, President Joe Biden said Putin “cannot remain in power.” I don’t have a problem with the President saying what most of the civilized world is thinking.

As a Harris County Democrat, Commentary is disappointed that the Democrats on the Harris County Commissioners Court and the Harris County District Attorney, a Democrat, can’t get their act together. Both sides are to blame. They need to work things out. The Republicans are loving this feuding. It is making local Democrats look bad.

I finally got around to organizing my vinyl collection. In this order: Beatles/solo by George, John, Paul and Ringo/Apple label artists, alpha by individual/group, Spanish language, movie soundtracks, and miscellaneous like my high school choir and Sen. Edward Kennedy’s speech at the 1980 Democratic National Convention.

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