Powers That Be

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine and it is not going as he expected. Experts have not figured out his endgame.

Dumbarse GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s new border inspection policy is creating supply chain issues in the country and not getting the results he expected. Folks have not figured out his endgame.

Commentary has said it time and time again. The Texas Democratic Party bigwigs still don’t know that Harris County has the most Latinos in the state of Texas. It is a fact, Jack.

Let’s see. We have a Latina in Congress, a Latina State Senator, four Latina State Reps, and one Latino State Rep. We also have a Latina County Judge.

I bring this up because there was a poll of Texas Latino voters that was circulated yesterday.  #BetoForTexas polls best among H-Town area Latinos. Commentary is not surprised.  We have Latina leaders like State Sen. Carol Alvarado leading the charge for Democrats in the region. 

Guess what? The Texas Democratic Party bigwigs won’t invest in H-Town area Latino get-out-the-vote efforts because, well, they are dumbarses. You knew that, though.

Here is part of the statement that Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo put out yesterday day on the indictments:

“I’m very confident that, when the facts are known, my team will be cleared. I’ve held myself to the highest ethical standards and that’s reflected in my unprecedented commitment not to accept money from anybody who does business with the county. The people I choose to serve in my office understand that code of ethics.”


“I don’t play the game. And that’s threatening to the powers that be. I think the notion is that if they come after me on what is my strength — the ethics of this office and my own — that they can score political points. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that unfair accusations are being levied against my team in the middle of my re-election campaign.

I do not, and I will not, cave to bullying or political dirty tricks.”

This is from the Chron on the three current and former employees of Judge Hidalgo.

The three, all Harris County employees, are not to access or obtain access to the county’s Criminal Justice Information System, not participate in contract or procurement committees or discuss the case with each other, retired Judge Vanessa Velasquez ordered. 

Communicating with Elevate Strategies, the vendor at the center of the investigation, is also prohibited, she continued. 

On Judge Hidalgo’s statement. Look, I have been working in politics in the H-Town area longer than anyone. I think.  Who in the heck are “the powers that be?”

I know Fox 26’s Greg Groogan wanted indictments, but I don’t consider Greg a “powers that be.” Same for the Harris County GOP.  Same for the Democratic Harris County District Attorney. Don’t consider them “powers that be.”

Commentary will stand by what I said yesterday. This was self-inflicted.

I saw “Aladdin” a few weeks ago. The Disney animated version.  Every scene involving the Genie, in my mind, I would project Robin Williams image on the screen. Every time the parrot Iago can on, I would project Gilbert Gottfried.

We are 4-1 to start the season on the road and have a 2:40 pm start this afternoon.

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