Space City

Most folks in these parts don’t ask for Commentary’s take on politics.  Here is one take from me anyways. The indictments handed down yesterday to three of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s top staffers is not going to help us Democrats with voters locally this November. We now have a Democratic District Attorney going after three key folks from the staff of a once, yes, I am saying, once rising star of the Texas Democratic Party.

We can’t say this is GOP motivated because it isn’t. The GOP didn’t plant evidence, set-up Judge Hidalgo’s staffers, or created some Trump-style conspiracy. The GOP and the media had every right to flag the contract when it was presented last year. Democrats do the same thing. This is home grown, do it yourself major league screw-up.

This isn’t a good look. Am I disappointed in Judge Hidalgo? Yes. She hired folks who let her down. I am not going to say they are crooks. I will say they were sloppy and dumb. They are being accused of not being truthful in the contract award process. It is not like a staffer was lining their pockets, taking kickbacks, or getting bribed – still. Bush league.

Who recommended these bozos for her to hire in the first place anyhow? I don’t know if it is too late, but Judge Hidalgo needs to surround herself with a few Latinos and Latinas who have her back. I am not hearing good things on who she listens to.

I am extremely upset that one of our most prominent Democratic Latina elected officials in the state has taken a major political hit and was let down by, well, I will say it, non-Latino staffers. It pi__es me off. It really pi__es me off.

Yesterday was not a good day for local Democrats – period.

Remember, back in 2011 or so when H-Town was passed over to get one of the Shuttle spacecrafts.  We got a mock-up instead.  I think I said at the time we were passed over because the Texas GOP statewide elected officials like then Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. John Cornyn and GOP members of the Texas congressional delegation were giving the President Barack Obama administration no support on anything – nada.  They were hellbent on making sure President Obama didn’t get a second term. They sent our shuttle to New York City, well renowned for its space exploration – just kidding.

Everyone knew that H-Town was deserving of a shuttle. No other city to my knowledge is called Space City. When we got to the moon, first word said was “Houston.” Same thing when Apollo 13 got into trouble.  Heck, our baseball, and basketball team are called the Astros and Rockets.

Space City, err, H-Town is now getting its long overdue recognition. You can now thank the Astros and MLB for the coolest gear in baseball today.  The Space City gear was unveiled this past Sunday and I will be getting a jersey, a t-shirt, and a lid in the coming days.

Whoever came up with the design is genius.

The Team Store started selling the gear on Sunday.  It was worn by Julia Morales, Blummer, and Todd Kalas on Sunday’s telecast of the game from Anaheim. The team will wear the new unis next Wednesday and at each subsequent Monday home game.

Cool gear for sure.

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