State Rep. Christina Morales Cookies

Commentary got his second COVID-19 booster shot yesterday – outdoors – at Montie Beach Park, a few blocks from my house. It was administered by the City of Houston Health Department. I have gotten all my COVID-19 vaccinations from the Health Department, but this time I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork that took ten minutes or so.  They gave all who got a shot a $25 gift card.

Let me say this about State Rep. Christina Morales.  She has a lot of friends and supporters. When she ran just over three years ago, she never was hurting for volunteers to go block walking on her behalf.  I went to her fundraiser reception Friday evening at the Houston Farmers Market, and it was very well attended. An outdoor event with nice weather. The Fab 5 played. There was good grub and drinks, including Saint Arnold Amber.

They also gave out Christina Morales cookies. They are pictured above. I brought home a couple. I wonder how many other elected officials have their own line of cookies.

This is from the lead story in today’s hard copy of the Chron:

WASHINGTON – Texas’ top medical institutions are vying to become home to a new federal research institution that would distribute billions of dollars to help discover cures and treatments for the world’s most intractable diseases.

From MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to Southwestern Hospital in Dallas, the state’s leading medical institutions are making the case that Texas and its booming health care sector are a better choice than more established research centers such as Boston and New York to house President Joe Biden’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Health, or ARPA-H

The headquarters would direct the spending of billions of dollars a year toward what the Biden administration describes as, “transformative high-risk, high-reward research,” with the aim of finding cures to cancer, Alzheimer’s and a variety of infectious diseases.

And this:

Whether Biden would be willing to locate a major federal institution in a Republican-controlled state with a reputation for challenging federal laws and regulation — including the landmark Affordable Care Act — remains to be seen. The Texas coalition is already making its case to the Office of Science and Technology Policy, with assistance from Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn’s office.

Here is the entire read: Texas medical centers are vying to HQ Biden’s new research agency (

I don’t want to root against Texas, but why would the President Joe Biden administration want to reward a state whose GOP leaders bash the President and Vice President every single day, plus, we refuse to expand Medicaid. Just saying.

On Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” yesterday, host Greg Groogan referred to the contract mess over at the Harris County Judge’s office as “Linagate” and “Hidalgogate.” Greg is really hoping Judge Lina Hidalgo and some of her staffers get indicted. That’s what it looks like to Commentary.

Tiger could not get his game going after the second round. It was still great seeing him out there.

We took three out of four in Anaheim to start the 2022 season. One series played and one won. We have today off, then play two in Arizona tomorrow and Wednesday. Then we take Thursday off.

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