Disloyal Cornyn

Today we observe Juneteenth. It is a federal holiday. No mail delivery and post offices are closed.  My bank is closed.

According to the City of Houston and Harris County websites, today is a holiday for city and county employees.

The Chron said today that state offices are closed. The Texas Comptroller website says yesterday was Emancipation Day but doesn’t say offices are closed today.

Oh, well.


This was the lead headline in the hard copy of Saturday’s Chron:

Texas Republican loyalists jeer Cornyn

Right under the banner.

According to the Chron headline writer, the Texas MAGA 2020 GOPers are now the loyalists. I guess that makes Sen. John Cornyn a disloyal GOPer.

Sen. Cornyn was loudly booed at the GOP state convention on Friday.

I don’t feel sorry for Sen. Cornyn. He is an arsehole. He has help create and given legitimacy to this MAGA 2020 destructive, anti-democratic force.

The Texas GOP just wrapped up their state convention at the George Brown Convention Center. I am pretty sure the folks over at H-Town First, who run the GRB, have sent a crew over there to fumigate the place. Rampant pieces of sh_t was all over the joint.

Their platform called out the LGBTQ+ folks and said they were engaging in abnormal behavior.

MAGA GOP also can’t do math.  They said President Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020 election.

They called GOP Cong. Dan Crenshaw a traitor.

Chickensh_t Gov. Greg Abbott was too scared to address the convention.

They went after Log Cabin Republicans.

They want to abolish the EPA and do away with the Endangered Species Act.

Oppose contact tracing.

Only count citizens during the census.

They say all gun control is a violation of our God given rights.

Here is what the crook Ken Paxton said about the 21 who were murdered in Uvalde: “I believe God always has a plan. Life is short no matter what it is.”

The Texas GOP has become one sick MFing operation.

We are seeing it in real time. The GOP normalizing hate and corruption.


I did not watch the U.S. Open. I said I wouldn’t. I am glad the LIV guys were not in contention.


Former Astro Dickie Thon is 64 today. Dickie played with us from 1981-1987.

Former Astro Carlos Lee is 46 today. El Caballo played with us from 2007-2012.

Happy Birthday Dickie and El Caballo!

We still have the third best record in MLB. We have today off, then it is the next 9 games against the Mets and Yankees, who happen to have the best records in MLB.  We are not even halfway through the season. It will be interesting to see how we do against these two. 6 out of the nine will be played in New York, 3 at The Yard.

I guess you can say we will be kind of in a New York State of mind.  I just had to say it.

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