Billy Wagner

Commentary is a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis.  She just got her first ever Oscar nomination. Cool.


The Astros are still searching for a general manager.  The question I have is why someone would want to be the GM right after we just won the World Series. Like if we don’t win a World Series the next couple of years, the new GM might be out of a job. Anything less that winning it all would look like a failure.

I am hearing that former Astros catcher Brad Ausmus is being seriously considered for GM.


Today is National Peanut Butter Day, National Compliment Day, and National Beer Can Appreciation Day. I am not a big peanut butter guy. I hand out my share of compliments. I didn’t know beer cans needed appreciation.


At the end of the Astros season in 2003, we missed making the playoffs by one game. Our closer Billy Wagner said that the team needed to spend a little more dough and bring in some players. A month or so later, the Astros traded Wagner to the Phillies for Brandon Duckworth, Taylor Buchholz, and Ezequel Astacio. Wagner only had 44 saves that season. It was a dumb trade.

The Baseball Hall of Fame will announce the new inductees today.  Will Billy Wagner get in? If he gets in, he should go in as an Astro since he played 9 of his 16 seasons in an Astros uniform. Stay tuned.

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