Tornado Warning

I can’t remember the last time I was in the middle of a tornado warning. If ever.

Yesterday I was.

My Dad is in a rehab facility in Baytown. I was with him yesterday when a tornado warning was issued for Baytown. The facility staff went down hallways to each room and brought out patients to the hallways. My Dad was sitting in a wheelchair, so I rolled him into the hallway.

The hallways were filled with folks in beds, wheelchairs, and walkers. They closed all the patient room doors. The lights flickered and dimmed.  I was the only one with a laptop on at the time. I jumped on the Click2Houston local website to see what was being covered and some of the staff were looking over my shoulder as I was getting updates.

I was also on a family group text and was hearing that tornadoes were spotted in Pasadena, Deer Park, and the San Jacinto Battlegrounds. Then Wooster, which is a neighborhood in Baytown on the western side of the ExxonMobil refinery, not that far from my Dad’s house.  Was the tornado headed our way?

The rehab facility is off of Garth Road, just north of Highway 146 which runs through Baytown.

A few thoughts raced through my mind. What were the odds of getting slammed? How structurally sound was the facility we were in? I was trying to picture what the building looked like from the outside.  

We were in the hallway for about 20 to 25 minutes before the we got the all’s clear from the staff. The staff handled it all very professionally. It was a little bit scary.

This morning on “Today” Baytown got a shoutout.

The featured photo is from inside the facility.


Commentary thinks President Joe Biden should name a classified documents czar.  The public deserves to know how we got into this mess, and how to prevent this from happening again in the future.

If the GOP U.S. House is going to investigate President Biden on this. Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence should also be investigated.


Here is my revised Astros schedule for holidays this season. Easter Sunday we will be in Minnesota. The Twins will be at The Yard on Memorial Day. On Juneteenth Day, which is a Monday, the Mets will visit. We will host the Rockies on the Fourth of July. On Labor Day, we will be in Arlington. Got it?

Former Astros closer Billy Wagner didn’t get into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. He got 68.1% of the baseball writers association vote. You need 75%. Hopefully he will get in next year.

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