The White Van

I was at my desk yesterday working and had on the Monterey Park shooting coverage on MSNBC.  You just get numb to another mass shooting.

I thought Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna handled the briefings professionally and provided the best information he could. He explained why he could and couldn’t reveal certain information.

When the coverage focused on the white van in the parking lot, MSNBC brought on a retired FBI agent who explained what was probably going on. It was quite informative.

Early on, when Sheriff Luna described the suspect as an Asian, that pretty much took the hate crime aspect off the table but none of the MSNBC hosts said so when I was watching the coverage.


On “Today” this morning, they did a lengthy feature on the medical emergency set-ups prior to an NFL game.  You know, the medical team that saved the life of Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills a few weeks ago. It is basically an emergency room set up on the sidelines.  NFL certainly cooperated with this story. They are ok with letting us all know that this is a very violent sport.

Here is the segment:


On “What’s Your Point” yesterday, host Greg Groogan brought up State Rep. Jarvis Johnson’s bill that eliminates Confederates Heros Day here in Texas. Greg let it be known that he was for eliminating the day.  The Breitbart Texas and Urban Reform panelists fellas kind of rambled in their responses and never said if they were for or against the day. Cowardly morons.


This is from this past weekend in the Trib:

The Republican Party of Texas launched a striking attack on one of its own this week, state House Speaker Dade Phelan, sparking a backlash from some Republicans in the chamber.

The state party began airing a radio ad that takes Phelan to task for allowing Democrats to continue chairing House committees, a longtime tradition that a small faction of House Republicans sought to end last week as the chamber crafted its rules package. But Phelan and his allies outmaneuvered them, preventing the issue — a state GOP priority — from even reaching a floor vote.

In the minute-long ad, a narrator says the speaker is “teaming up with Democrats to kill our Republican priorities.” The spot started running Wednesday in Phelan’s Southeast Texas district, according to a tweet from Texas GOP Chair Matt Rinaldi.

“Call Dade Phelan today,” the ad tells Phelan’s constituents. “Tell him to be a Republican. Tell him to stop empowering Democrats. Tell him to listen to the 85% of voters who support banning Democrat chairmanships.”

A spokesperson for the state party, James Wesolek, said the party was spending $15,000 to air the spot for two weeks initially.

Here is the entire read: Texas GOP launches radio attack ads against Republican state House speaker | The Texas Tribune.

$15,000 isn’t a lot of money.


Yesterday was National Polka Dot Day. Today is National Handwriting Day and National Pie Day.


Joey Amalfitano is 89 today. Who is Joey Amalfitano you ask? He is a former MLBer who played for the Giants when they were in New York and San Francisco, with the Cubbies and with the Colt 45s in 1962. He was our starting second baseman in our first ever Opening Day lineup. Happy Birthday, Joey Amalfitano!

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