Flight Delays

Remember when Southwest Airlines had a meltdown over the holidays and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg went after them.  I wonder if Sec. Buttigieg will go after FAA for their computer meltdown this morning.


I guess you saw this:

President Joe Biden told reporters Tuesday that he was “surprised” to learn that his lawyers discovered classified documents at one of his former offices in Washington, D.C.



A couple of years ago Commentary bought a gas stove after my electric stove gave out. I prefer gas. Just saying. It still needs electricity to run.


 I did watch the Golden Globes last night and it turns out the first winner of the evening, Ke Huy Quan, gave the most moving acceptance speech. 


The big game will be played in H-Town a year from now. Not that big game. Commentary is talking about the College Football Playoff championship game.  Here is from yesterday’s Chron story:

“We’re trying to continue to create the idea, perception and understanding that Houston is a big football town,” said Chris Massey, the vice president of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority. “This is just a very national and spotlighted opportunity for us to showcase the really good things that we’ve been doing in college football and college athletics as a whole.”

We are a baseball town.  Think about it.  Year round, do you see more folks wearing Astros gear or Texans gear?

Four out of the last six World Series have been played in H-Town.  We are the reigning World Series champions.

I take issue with those who say we are a football town. We may want to be a football town, but we are not. Not today.

H-Town’s most popular NFL player just retired, and he didn’t play for us the last two seasons.

A case can be made that we support college athletics, but it is the UH basketball team that is getting our attention these days.

The Astros have played in the last six league championship series. H-Town hasn’t played in an NFL league championship game since the Luv Ya Blue days.

Go on ahead if you want to call yourself a football town.


Carlos Correa is not with the Mets or Giants. He is back with the Twins. He will still make a lot of money.

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