The Hate Base

Folks know Commentary is helping The Dean’s campaign for H-Town mayor. The Dean has the most campaign cash. This will make him a target and a subject of more scrutiny.

Here is from a piece by the Chron’s Dylan McGuinness that was just posted:

(State Sen. John)Whitmire announced his intent to run for mayor way back in November 2021, but did not start formally raising money for it until November 2022. That means he raised his $1.1 million in about 62 days, while the others got their starts at least seven months earlier.

Whitmire was able to raise nearly $19,000 a day in that span, the fastest pace in the field. Of course, he was raising money in his Senate account in 2022 before he formally moved over to City Hall, amassing money to fend off a primary challenger and win re-election to his seat in the Legislature. That money is not included here.

His $9 million war chest — stemming mostly from his career in the Senate — makes him the financial heavyweight in the race, although it could renew scrutiny about the city’s campaign finance laws.

And this:

Whitmire is the only candidate so far collecting substantial checks from political committees and groups.

They gave him nearly $286,000 in his two-month fundraising blitz, about 25 percent of his total haul. That includes eight maximum contributions, which in Houston is $10,000 for political entities (for individuals, it is $5,000). They include the Houston Apartment Association, the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and Gulf State Toyota.

No other candidate raised more than $51,000 from political groups, or more than 3 percent of their total funds. 

All told, about 59 percent of the money raised in the race so far has come from inside Houston’s city limits.

Got it?


We all know that MAGA haters make up the GOP base these days. It does not surprise me that arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas GOP state legislators continue to file hater legislation. See this from the Chron:

Fear of espionage has Gov. Greg Abbott vowing to ban Chinese businesses and citizens from buying land in Texas, a move condemned by some Democrats as racist.

Abbott has already banned the use of TikTok, owned by a Chinese company, on government devices and this week vowed to sign a proposed bill in the Senate that would bar citizens and companies from China, Iran, North Korea and Russia from buying property in Texas.

And this:

State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, said she filed the new bill out of fear that Chinese entities are trying to buy up large swaths of land. She pointed to a Chinese energy company’s attempt to purchase 130,000 acres for wind farms near Del Rio as alarming because it would be just 70 miles from Laughlin Air Force Base.

“The growing ownership of Texas land by some foreign entities is highly disturbing and raises red flags for many Texans,” Kolkhorst said. “Passing this law delivers some basic safeguards to ensure Texans remain in control of Texas land.”

And finally, this:

David Bier, an immigration expert at the libertarian Cato Institute, said barring immigrants from purchasing property would run afoul of the Constitution.

 “Assuming that this applies to noncitizens in the United States, it’s absurd and unconstitutional,” Bier said. “Noncitizens are protected by the Constitution, and their property rights cannot be stripped.”



On a much better note, on “Today” this morning they had on Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin. The four are starring in “80 for Brady.” Harry Smith reminded us that Emmys, Grammys, Oscars and Tonys have been awarded to the four with Moreno being the only EGOT.

I just saw a video of “Gonna Be You,” the tune from “80 for Brady”. The tune is sung by Belinda Carlisle, Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper, and Dolly Parton – and they all are wearing Tom Brady’s #12 from his New England days. Cool.


Yesterday was National Popcorn Day. Today is National Cheese Lover’s Day. Tomorrow is National Use Your Gift Card Day.


Tags tweeted this yesterday:

The Astros head into the 2023 season returning 21 of their 26 players who were active for the clinching Game 6 of the 2022 World Series. That doesn’t include (Yuli) Gurriel, who wasn’t active for Game 6, but it’s unlikely he’s back at this point.

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