After two days of impeachment testimony, we learned that arsehole crooked AG Ken Paxton got his office to do and try to do favors for the Nate Paul fella.  Two of the whistleblowers have testified. They were both punkarse assistants to Paxton.  Think about this. They were even working for Paxton after he got indicted.  In their testimony they were proud of the fact that they moved to open Texas up after the pandemic hit in 2020. In other words, they were proud that they help Texas top the COVID-19 death list in the USA. Punkarse morons. The House Board of Managers have not laid out what Paul did for Paxton, other than a $25,000 contribution to Paxton’s 2018 reelection campaign. Paxton raised over $6 million in 2018. Show us the money.


The John Whitmire for Mayor ad is up and running. It started running yesterday.  The featured photo is from the ad. Meanwhile, The Dean is sitting as a juror on the Court of Impeachment.


The Chron E-Board rolled out their first endorsement for the November 2023 elections. Here is from the E-Board take today:

Voters will have to decide whether to approve a charter amendment that would enable three or more council members to, by written request, have an item placed on the weekly City Hall agenda for the full council to consider.

And this:

Yet even in Houston, the mayor’s power should not be absolute. The City Council should be allowed to function more as an independent legislative branch of government, with the ability to participate in governance meaningfully and even hold the mayor accountable when necessary. We urge voters to approve the charter amendment this fall. 

Here is the entire read: Vote yes on giving Houston City Council agenda powers (Editorial) (


José Abreu had a grand salami and a three-run dinger last night. That’s 7 RBIs.  That was a thunderous display of offense in Arlington the past three days.  We still hold a game lead in the AL West.  12 of the next 15 games are at The Yard. We are 35-34 at The Yard this season and 45-27 on the road. Oh, well. We have today off.

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