The third punkarse whistleblower assistant to the arsehole crook GOP AG Ken Paxton testified yesterday and he cried when told that he had been called “rogue” by Paxton.  What a punkarse crybaby. Didn’t he know he was working for a crook? We have had three days of testimony, and Commentary is still waiting to hear what the Nate Paul fella gave to Paxton. Show me the money!

Commentary has some stuff I have to tend to today, so I don’t think I will be able to watch much of the impeachment.


I don’t have a problem with the following from the Chron about the HISD takeover:

The Houston ISD Board of Managers voted unanimously Thursday to kickstart state-appointed Superintendent Mike Miles’ plans to designate HISD as a “District of Innovation” and approved his use of the state’s standard teacher evaluations for the remainder of the school year.

The board’s vote to begin the “District of Innovation” process comes just two years after the HISD District Advisory Committee shot down the same proposal from former Superintendent Grenita Lathan in 2021. Becoming a District of Innovation would allow HISD to circumvent certain state laws around attendance, the length of the school year, teacher certifications, class sizes and more.

Miles has said the move is necessary to add more school days to the academic calendar, which currently has students in front of teachers 172 days out of the year (Miles said the ideal number should be between 180 and 185 days). Of the state’s roughly 1,000 traditional school districts, 965 are now Districts of Innovation in Texas, including San Antonio ISD, Dallas ISD and Austin ISD, according to the Texas Education Agency.

Here is the entire read: HISD Superintendent Mike Miles wants to add days to the school year (


Four weekends of the MLB regular season remain. We have half-game lead in the AL West. The Padres are in town for three.

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