Impeachment Thoughts

Commentary watched all of yesterday’s impeachment proceedings online.  Here are a few takes.

Arsehole crooked suspended AG Ken Paxton will not have to take the stand and testify.

Paxton will be a no-show for the remainder of the impeachment trial. Don’t forget, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump didn’t attend their impeachment trials either.

Tony Buzbee looks and acts like he is ready to blow up the Senate Chamber at any time.

Buzbee is also playing to the anti-Dade Phelan sentiment in the Senate. He called the GOP Texas House Speaker a drunk yesterday.

Buzbee and defense attorney Dan Cogdell were good. Of course, they are going to have to produce the evidence.

I wasn’t impressed with the lead House manager Andrew Murr. Rusty Hardin also needs to pick up the pace.

I am having a hard time getting used to hearing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick being called your honor.

One of my best friends and clients, State Sen. Caro Alvarado, got some buzz for wearing a cute black dress. An online fashionista called it the Wednesday Addams look.


The John Whitmire for Mayor Campaign sent this out this morning:

John Whitmire today began airing the first ad in what will be a multi-million dollar advertising campaign as he seeks to become Houston’s next mayor.

“The Whitmire Campaign has been on radio and digital platforms for the past few months,” said Communications Director Sue Davis. “We are now adding broadcast and cable TV to our extensive advertising campaign.”

In this ad, Whitmire describes growing up in a house in the country with no running water. The family lost everything when their home burned down. But he took to heart the goodness of their neighbors who reached out to help them in their time of need.

The ad finishes with Whitmire speaking at his campaign kickoff, telling the audience he knows how to solve problems and that he will make a difference at City Hall.

“John Whitmire learned compassion at an early age,” said Davis. “That’s why he’s been a public servant his entire adult life. After fighting for Houston and Houstonians for many years in the Texas Legislature, John Whitmire is ready to bring his knowledge and experience back home to tackle the tough issues facing our city—public safety, garbage pickup, illegal dumping, homelessness, flooding and drainage, and street and water system repair.”

You can view the ad here:

Below is the transcript:

John Whitmire: “We lived three miles off the highway. Dirt road. No running water. And then our house burned down. This community, of people who had little, came to our assistance. Blankets. Quilts. We had nothing. It just instilled in me how good people are. I’ve worked with nine mayors. I know how to solve problems. You give me an opportunity to go to City Hall and we will make a difference.”


Finally.  The Astros are in sole possession of first place in the AL West for the first time this season.  A 14-1 rout over the Rangers. Three Jose Altuve dingers in the first three innings of the game. Wow! We wrap up the short roadie in Arlington this evening.

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