Paxton’s GOP

The most entertaining part of the impeachment trial was at the end when Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick went off on the Texas House. That was way too funny.

Commentary was not surprised with the impeachment verdict. This is Donald Trump’s GOP. The GOP gave away any moral ground years ago.  They are ok with having a crook as the top cop in Texas. That is how they run.

Don’t kid yourselves. This wasn’t about who had the best prosecuting or defense strategy. This wasn’t about who had the best lawyers. This was about who runs the GOP in Texas.  And it is not GOP Texas House Speaker Dad Phelan. Not even close. 

Harvey Kronberg, publisher of the Quorum Report, tweeted this yesterday:

Numerous reports that @KenPaxtonTX Senate jury to 20 to convict on multiple charges but could not reach 21 so all but two R’s folded. In other words, @AngelaPaxtonTX non-vote vote saved her husband. Otherwise, they would have only needed 20. #txlege #quorumreport

If what Kronberg tweeted is true, then those who folded are not profiles in courage.  If there were six others, I wonder if we will find out who the folding chairs are.

To the punkarse former top assistants turned whistleblowers on crooked arsehole GOP AG Ken Paxton, you don’t get any “you did the right thing” comments or praise from me. You got what you deserved for working for the sleazeball. Same for the Texas Ranger. The Texas Ranger and DPS community got pis_ed on by the GOP State Senators. They don’t have your back. You too got what you deserved.

It will be interesting to watch if the PAC that was supporting Paxton target GOP Texas House members who supported impeachment. Watch out, Briscoe Cain. That’s way too funny.

Let them put their resources going after each other.

Too bad the Texas Democratic Party can’t take advantage of the GOP infighting. 


I watched Meet the Press yesterday. I thought Kristen Welker did ok. Remember, Welker moderated the 2020 presidential debate.  She has experience dealing with Donald Trump. She did the best she could fact checking Trump lying during the interview. After the Trump interview segments of the show, Welker was joined in the studio with colleagues, and they did more fact checking.

I can understand how some folks might be upset that NBC would give the liar Trump airtime. Here is how I look at this.  What he says in TV interviews will be used against him in his four upcoming court trials. The more the merrier.


Jon Singleton is 32 today. Happy Birthday, Jon!

This past week we went 2-4 against two teams with over 100 losses each this season. We must play better than this. We have a 1 ½ game lead in the AL West with 12 games left on the schedule. 9 games are with teams that are still contending for a playoff spot. The Orioles, Mariners, and D-Backs. The Rangers have 6 games to play against the Mariners. They also play 3 against the Red Sox, but I don’t consider the Red Sox as contenders. They will be eliminated later this week.  As mentioned, the Mariners play the Astros and Rangers.

 We are in scoreboard watching mode for sure.

The Orioles are in town for three and they have the second-best record in MLB right now. We took 2 out of 3 from them at Camden Yards last month but that really doesn’t matter this week.

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