Tejano Dems for Whitmire

Today is the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. The John Whitmire for Mayor Campaign got an early start last night by winning the endorsement of the Harris County Tejano Democrats.  The Whitmire campaign won 54 of the 80 Tejano Democrats votes that were cast last night. Texas State Rep. Ana Hernandez spoke on behalf of Sen. Whitmire last night at the meeting. Sen. Whitmire was in Austin at the Court of Impeachment trial yesterday.  State Rep. Armando Walle, Harris County Constable Silvia Trevino, labor activist Linda Morales, and local Democratic Party activist Yolanda Alvarado were among the Whitmire supporters who attended the meeting. Nice job Team Whitmire.

The featured photo is The Dean with the family of State Sen. Carol Alvarado including mom Ida, and sister Liz.


Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo put out a statement yesterday saying she is coming back to work on October 2. Here is what Charles Kuffner had to say:

I’m sure the timing of this announcement had something to do with that absolute piece of shit “op-ed” from whiny loser A**x M****r that for some unfathomable reason the Chron decided they needed to run. You can find it yourself, they’ve been pimping it shamelessly on their homepage and editorial page. I have no idea why the editorial board continues to be enthralled by this loser – does she have pictures of them doing unspeakable things to a Jose Altuve bobblehead or something? I’m going to say something I’ll regret later if I continue so I’ll just end it here.

Here is all of Off the Kuff: Judge Hidalgo to return to work October 2 | Off the Kuff.

That is way too funny. I don’t have to add anything.


Folks know how Commentary feels about Hunter Biden. He is having an impact on his dad’s reelection chances. The Bidens are starting to get selfish and putting themselves above the country. They are putting democracy in danger. Think about that.


The crooked arsehole GOP AG Ken Paxton impeachment trial is now in the closing argument phase. We could have a verdict late this evening or this weekend. That is all I have to say about this.


We have a half game lead in the AL West with 15 games remaining. We have a weekend series in KC starting this evening.

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