Plastics, Please

This is so headed in the wrong direction. Aren’t we supposed to be moving away from plastics? See the featured photo and see this from the Chron:

Exxon said it completed a $2 billion expansion of its sprawling chemicals complex along the Houston Ship Channel and has begun operations at the new production units. 

The two new units help the Spring-based company oil giant to meet growing demand for plastics and other chemicals, it said. Through the expansion, Exxon plans to produce 400,000 metric tons per year of branded polymers used to make automotive parts, construction materials, reusable containers, hygiene and personal care products. It will also produce 350,000 tons annually of olefins used in plastic packaging and industrial oils, the company said.

Energy companies are growing their chemicals businesses as the transition away from fossil fuels gains momentum. While demand for oil is expected to decline within the next two decades, demand for chemicals is expected to rise.



The Texas GOP is one sick animal. Crooked arsehole GOP AG Ken Paxton is blaming the President Joe Biden administration for his impeachment. See this from the Trib today:

Paxton said he believed the impeachment was retribution for lawsuits he filed challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election in several states as well as lawsuits Paxton filed challenging Biden’s policies.

“We were a huge problem for the Biden administration, and that was a way to get me out of the way,” Paxton said.

He noted that two of the lawyers who worked on the impeachment prosecution had worked for the federal Department of Justice during Biden’s term.

“That’s not an accident,” Paxton said. “They were sent there.”

Here is the entire Trib read: Ken Paxton says he’s open to running against Sen. John Cornyn | The Texas Tribune.

Paxton wants you to believe that GOP Texas State Rep. Andrew Murr from Junction, Texas was in cahoots with the Biden folks. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and the GOP Texas state senators could have put this Paxton crook away, but they didn’t.


I also learned this yesterday while watching Jenna Bush Hager. This is from the internet:

Former Texas land commissioner Bob Armstrong was a Matt’s El Rancho regular. Apparently bored of the typical menu offerings, legend has it Armstrong asked Matt Martinez Jr. to make something up just for him. Martinez added a scoop of beef taco meat and a scoop of guacamole to the restaurant’s queso, and Tex-Mex history was made. Armstrong died in 2015, but he’s still on a first-name basis with Matt’s El Rancho diners, who order small Bobs and large Bobs every day. You can make any of these three components separately, if you like, or make a vegetarian Bob by swapping the beef for some pinto beans. Serve this with tortilla chips. Makes one large Bob, with a bit of leftover meat and guac.

I did not know that Bob Armstrong had a queso dish named after him.


Astros catcher Yainer Diaz is 25 today. Happy Birthday, Yainer! Hope you get more playing time for your birthday!

What a win yesterday.  Nine games remain to be played. We have today off.

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