The featured photo was from an event last night in Idylwood.  That’s the neighborhood where State Sen. Carol Alvarado lives.  It is in H-Town’s East End.  A lot of her neighbors showed up.


Arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott will go down as one of the worst governors in Texas history. You know that. He is going to call a special session on school vouchers next month and is threatening GOP Texas state house members who oppose vouchers. He will campaign against them in the 2024 GOP primary. What an arsehole.


The Chron has a good story on the impeachment deliberations. Here is a part:

At least five Republican senators — including Sens. Joan Huffman of Houston, Mayes Middleton of Galveston and Drew Springer of Muenster — were seriously considering conviction, said five people familiar with the deliberations, who requested anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations. Only two of those senators, Robert Nichols of Jacksonville and Kelly Hancock of North Richland Hills, actually voted to do so on Saturday.

Hancock told the Dallas Morning News earlier this week that “a lot of people’s opinions changed overnight” from Friday to Saturday. Asked why, he told the paper: “You will have to ask them. I can’t tell you.”

Springer and Huffman denied that they had switched their votes.

“The characterization that I ‘changed my mind’ during deliberations is completely false,” Huffman said in an emailed statement. “No one could have known my final decision until I voted on the Senate floor, as votes were never taken during the deliberation process.”

Middleton did not respond to a request for comment.

Here is the entire read: Inside the deliberations that led to Paxton’s impeachment acquittal (houstonchronicle.com).

I wonder who the other three are.


A couple of days ago, the Chron E-Board came out against Prop 3, a proposed state constitutional amendment that protects the ultra-super wealthy on tax matters.


From the Yippee Ki Yay, MFer Department. I did not know the following. I learned it yesterday. The Christmas flick Die Hard was based on a novel titled Nothing Lasts Forever that was first published in 1979. Now you know.

On a related note, the Hallmark Channel will kick off their Christmas programming one month from today on Friday, October 20. There will be 40 new and original flicks that will air. Cool.


We lost another game to the Orioles last night. We are playing lousy baseball and could very well miss the playoffs. We have a 1 pm game against the Orioles today.

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