BOM Meets

I guess we are kind of on an indictment watch this week. Unprecedented, but not surprising. Considering who might get indicted.


The HISD Board of Managers (BOM) will have their first meeting at 5:30 pm today over at HISD headquarters on W. 18th Street.  Anti-TEA HISD takeover groups will protest at HISD at 4:15 pm. 

Last night, Commentary was at a political meeting and a leader of the anti-TEA HISD takeover forces addressed the gathering.  She blasted the takeover and urged folks to attend the protest.  A meeting participant asked the protest leader what options or next steps were available to those who opposed the takeover.  The protest leader responded that at this point was to shame the Board of Managers for being complicit in the takeover. Sad.

That’s it? The old shame tactic. Sad.

Why not work with the BOM to help get our district back?  Nope. That is too easy.

The Chron has a story on the BOM here: HISD’s new board of managers pledge to earn trust during TEA takeover (


Get over it.  Commentary is talking about Judge Lina Hidalgo dropping the F-bomb a couple of days ago at a meeting of Commissioners Court.  It is just a harmless F-bomb.


Here is this from the Chron:

Suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton has retained for his upcoming Senate impeachment trial two top Houston defense attorneys, who will be assisted by six of his employees who took leaves of absence to help, including four of his top aides.

But a key question remains unanswered: How will they all be paid?

Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee, who will lead Paxton’s defense, on Wednesday told reporters at a news conference he himself was “not being paid by the public.” 

“That’s all you need to know,” Buzbee said, without clarifying if that meant his paycheck would come from Paxton’s personal checkbook, his campaign account, a legal defense fund or some other source.

Dan Cogdell, a Houston lawyer who represents Paxton in his securities fraud case, on Wednesday did not immediately respond to an emailed question about how he’ll be paid.

I really don’t care as long as they don’t use public funds to pay these guys. It is interesting that Rusty Hardin and Dick DeGuerin are getting paid $500 an hour from the state of Texas.


We lost again last night.

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