Commentary said this yesterday:

I guess we are kind of on an indictment watch this week. Unprecedented, but not surprising. Considering who might get indicted.

The featured photo of today’s Chron front page doesn’t exactly scream at us.  The indictment was expected by a lot of folks.  Donald Trump is a dirty crook. It is finally catching up to him.

My only question is this. When he goes to prison, does he still retain Secret Service protection?


Speaking of GOP crooks, see this from the Chron:

Nate Paul, the real estate investor accused of bribing Attorney General Ken Paxton, is in Travis County jail on an FBI warrant for a felony crime, according to jail records that do not indicate the charge he faces.

Paul, 36, was booked at 4:25 p.m. Thursday, the jail records show. The arresting agency is the FBI.

A lead prosecutor in the impeachment case, Dick DeGuerin, hinted Thursday night that the arrest is linked to the allegations against Paxton.

“The dominoes are falling,” DeGuerin said.

Dan Cogdell, one of Paxton’s defense attorneys in the impeachment case, also surmised the arrest is related to the Paxton investigation.

“It’s the oldest play in the book,” Cogdell said, adding that he was merely speculating as the charges against Paul are still unknown. “You’ve got two people you believe to be in a crime together, you arrest the first one and try to get them to cooperate on the other one.”

Asked what incriminating information Paul would have on Paxton, Cogdell said: “Sometimes people cooperate and say things that are true; sometimes people cooperate and say things that are untrue to lessen their exposure. We don’t know what’s going to happen.”


Commentary watched parts of the HISD BOM meeting last night. Speaker after speaker trashed the BOM and the HISD takeover. I get it. What are the protesters going to do next? Continue to protest?

Let me say this. None of the BOM contributed to the current state of HISD. Some have in fact volunteered at their kids’ HISD schools. Let’s give them a chance to succeed.


Let’s hope we do better in Cleveland this weekend than we did in Canada.


The Dean, State Sen. John Whitmire, is kicking off his campaign for H-Town mayor with an event at Minute Maid Park at 11 am tomorrow morning. Doors open at 10 am.  Ballpark grub will be provided.

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