Trump in the Toilet

My nephew Dave texted us yesterday that he heard on Morning Joe that if Trump got indicted in Atlanta, that would make four indictments from four NL East teams. The ATL, New York, Miami, and D.C.  What is up with Philly?

Former Georgia GOP Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan told reporters the following yesterday after he met with the grand jury:

“We’re either going to, as Republicans, take our medicine and realize the election wasn’t rigged. Donald Trump was the worst candidate ever in the history of the party, even worse than Herschel Walker. We want to win an election in 2024. It’s going to have to be somebody other than Donald Trump.”

The D.C. indictment and the Georgia indictment happened because GOP folks were witnesses. Democrats had nothing to do with taping the phone call to the Georgia GOP Secretary of State. Democrats had nothing to do with paying off the porn actress. Democrats didn’t have anything to do with the classified documents.

Trump is still the favorite to win the GOP nomination. Right now, it looks like the GOP nominee will have four indictments. I love it.

Commentary has said it before. That’s your GOP these days.

I watched the coverage last night on MSNBC.

The featured photo is Donald Trump toilet paper as he is circling in the toilet bowl.

I get the sense that Trump defenders are a bit exhausted.  Trump defenders don’t even come across as genuine these days. It is sad and pathetic.


We lost last night in Miami.

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